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My Trip to Phuket

Should there be a place in the world that I would call paradise, it’ll be nowhere else rather than Phuket. Life has been rather stressful and I have recently chose to take couple of months off to discover new places. I’ve travelled to a number of places but nothing impresses me more than Phuket.


Could it be the people? Can it be the landscape? Is it the food? Could it be the weather? I am not sure. What makes Phuket so unique could be the adroit blend of everything.

Nearly ten years following the huge catastropic tsunami that occurred way back in 2006, you can see that whilst the world has largely forgotten about it, it is not the case with all the people in Phuket. From the way I see it, pictures from that disaster are still vivid in the minds of the locals. Nontheless, lives had to move on and that is what happened with all the people there.

I am not a professional photographer but I’d like to just share few photos that I’ve captured while I was in Phuket. Hope you guys relish them!

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