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Many people are obsessed with many different things in life. Technology has always been my passion in life.

Stop for a minute and make this a serious thought. Technology is a field where the only constant variable is change and the pace at which changes occur is quite scary to a lot of folks.


Try asking your parents or grandparents to modify a simple excel sheet or apply a sephia filter to the photo that you’ve taken together. I won’t be be in disbelief if many tasks which you have taken as trivial can be nauseating to them. That is what we refer to as technology generational gap. We may think it is a hilarious issue now but flash yourself twenty years down the road.

At the present, we are already witnessing a transformation from desktop computing to tablets and cloud computing. If the sound of it is nauseating, then we’d better be cautioned and do something to keep ourselves updated. Otherwise, just give ourselves few years down the road, we’ll find ourselves like a dinosaur just waiting for extinction.

I am no more than an ordinary who loves blogging and experimenting with new technology at the same time but I do not regard myself as the techiest soul. I find blogging is a great mean to keep myself relevant to the constantly moving realm of technology and at the same time allowing me to impart useful knowledge to my readers.

I enjoy working in collaboration, especially collaborations that can bring benefits to both sides. If you have something in mind and want to explore the possibility, my mailbox is always opened.

Just what does it require to create cool X’mas decorations?

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Christmas is the day when every Christian celebrates the birth of Jesus. Over the years, the Christmas occasion is also celebrated by numerous kinds of individuals, no matter what their belief is. Christmas epitomizes the festive season as it happens to come several days ahead of the year ends. Everybody loves to take a break once in a little while, do we?There’s not one other festivals in the year that has been celebrated with the exact same spectacular lighting decorations. If you’re quite observant you must have realized that each subsequent year is unique, and comes with new ideas of making the lights and decorations stand-out. There are an incredible number of ideas around this time of the season and here are some good ideas that will help you this time round.

Lots of people often take Christmas decorations too leisurely and they expect this to be a great activity. Many would just start right off and just come up with anything. If you’re doing the decorating on your own, you probably don’t need to put in some serious thought. Besides, once you find the design unsatisfactory, you can simply start all over again. Things are a bit more complex if the whole family members are taking part, specially when you have young ones joining the fun. If you don’t make advance planning, you could wind up badly regardless of how good you started off. But you can prevent this from happening with even just a simple plan. It generally does not have to get into the details but at least a general theme and appropriate process allocation would help increase productivity of your family team.

Christmas - 3

Have you ever wondered why there are times when you visit friends and relatives during Christmas time, you have great feeling when entering some houses but not the others?The important thing that differentiates excellent elegant X’mas decorations from the mediocre ones is based on the concept. A central theme is one which defines the color, design and type selection of your ornaments. Over time, we can see progression with regards to ingenuity from house owners as it pertains to Xmas decoration style. For some with obsession for everything oldies, rustic Christmas decoration will be the great design. It might sound surprising however the techies have jumped into the wagon and think of their very own geeky designs. An example is a Xmas tree that’s been dressed up using icons generated from today’s popular social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

Of all the corners of the home, outside is where things can get really fun and interesting even to both adults and kids alike. However do not get things started without figuring out the budget which you are likely to be spending. Through the years, manufacturers continue to stretch our imagination beyond the limit and I can tell you that there are many great ornaments that will just make you go ga-ga when seeing them. If budget is not a concern, you can change your yard to the land of magic that’s high in assorted colors lighting populated with popular Christmas figurines. Inflatable characters from Disney are popular among children, especially one where Mickey gets himself dressed in Santa outfit.

As you can see, X’mas decoration is meant to be described as a cool thing but one that requires at least some minimal planning if you wish to set up good and elegant X’mas decorations, whether outside or inside the home. If you are a handicraft lover, you would not want to get your decoratives from the store regardless of how easy it may be. X’mas wreaths are one of those decorations which you could do on your own, and you can hold up to you want in various places in your house. Above all, you’ve to set a budget limit for your decorations shopping so you don’t begin the new year with credit card debt which can be outside of your paying capacity.

A beginner’s guide to picking the correct Air Purifier

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Many people avoid using an air cleaner because they do not know the advantages of such a device. It’s a question that will never be ignored because much like the nature of air that we inhale, it’s something that is omnipresent but one that remains invisible to the naked eye. It is impossible for normal people to analyze the air quality before and after using the air purifier, unless we use a device that can assess the quality of the air. Thus, in buying the best air purifier, we have to rely a lot on the air purifier ratings reviews written by real users who’ve experienced significant advantage of using an air purifier.

If you’ve decided to check out air purifier reviews, you must recognize that air purifiers can be classified in to two general categories. The initial category is filter-based and the second category is ionizer-based. Clearly, filter-based purifier is the older technology among both but just by considering the increasing number of ionic air purifier reviews, it is possible to tell how popular ionizer-based air purifier among consumers. Regarding which of the two is more superior compared to other, my view is it depends upon what you expect out of your air cleaner. filter-based models require either cleaning or replacement on regular basis, depending on the kind of filters that your purifier is using. Ionizer-based models do not necessitate regular replacement but the plate used to attract the dust has to be cleaned regularly if you like your device to work effectively.

When you want to obtain a good air purifier, you should be aware of why you really need to make use of this air purifier product. This will avert circumstances where you make a comparison of the air purifies but basing on the wrong assessment process. If you have some issues with cigar smoke or pet odors, take a look at Rabbit air review and find out why many critics choose to pick the Rabbit Air MinusA2 as the best air cleaner for smoke and odor.

If mold is a big problem in your house, you know that the humidity level is probably too high and you need to make sure you get the best dehumidifier instead of getting an air purifier with humidifying feature instead. The main principle of the air purifier remains exactly the same, however many components on different air purifiers could be different. Thus, if you’re clear concerning this from the beginning, you may save lots of time.

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It’s recommended that you have a clear-cut goal on which type you really need in order to make your best air cleanser scores reviews research easier. You must be aware of the functions you need and don’t need from your air purifier before you check out the list of best air cleaners for 2014, because it can help you in finding out the models that fulfill your requirements. This won’t only help you in eliminating dozens of models that don’t meet your needs but will also save you significant amount of time. Always ensure that you get the listing of the newest models on the market after short-listing models that best meet your unique needs. Older models usually get phased out rather quickly than what you have thought.