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My offer to you is individual coaching via phone or Skype. It’s an easy way for us to work together, no matter where you are on the globe.

If you want to improve your career and life through improving various communication skills, you want professional help and you care about results more than anything else, then you will want to consider working one-on-one with me.

Here are the top 4 areas individual coaching with me can help you in:

  • Confident communication. Communicating in a clear, honest but tactful way, overcoming emotional barriers in communication, communicating with difficult people.
  • Business communication. Communicating effectively in the business environment, speaking and presenting with impact, communicating as a leader and manager.
  • Networking. Being sociable and authentic, developing your conversational skills, building and using a powerful network, professional or personal.
  • Getting a job. Learning effective job hunting strategies, tuning up your CV, improving your interview skills and selling yourself at the top level of your potential.

My approach to coaching combines non-directive methods (asking questions, paraphrasing) with directive methods (presenting principles and techniques, giving feedback). I focus on using whatever works for my client.

I draw a lot of ideas from areas like Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, Assertiveness Training, Non-Violent Communication, Social Psychology and Positive Psychology. I take what I find useful and I integrate it with my own ideas, experiences and my clients’ experiences.

Working with me in a coaching program, you can expect 3 things:

  • An inside-out journey. We will look beyond your behaviors, at the thinking patterns and the emotions behind them. We will address, challenge and change some of your basic beliefs and feelings about you, others, events and life.
  • Ideas that work. We will discover together ways of thinking, feeling, communicating and interacting which give results. You will be exposed to powerful ideas that I’ve seen work over and over again and that are supported by rigorous research.
  • A direct style. I will show you support and understanding, but I will also honestly express some thoughts you may not like, or refocus you if you get off track. Working with me can sometimes be a lot like getting a kick forward.

My standard fee: 48 Euros / 70 USD per 60 min. of individual coaching*

* If you are Romanian, my fees for you are even lower.

Contact me and schedule a free 30 min. preliminary coaching session via phone or Skype.

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